Our station seeks to provide a wide range of information and entertainment to listeners in Hong Kong and overseas. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to our podcast on their mobile devices, although our programmes may also be streamed directly on our web site. The years of British administration had fostered the blending of western and eastern cultures in Hong Kong, thus giving rise to the culture, traditions and core values that are unique to Hong Kong. Our station endeavours to promote these unique Hong Kong characteristics. Among our Hong Kong listeners, we seek to strengthen our self-identity as Hong Kongers, and increase public awareness on issues that pertain to our society. For our foreign listeners, we seek to provide a gateway to learning more about Hong Kong. HKCitizen strives to be an independent media – outspoken and subject to no political influences. With our Hong Kong professionalism, we shall provide quality broadcast services to our audience. Should you have any enquiry or any interest in participating in HKCitizen, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at

本台的節目以 Podcast 形式發放,聽眾可透過特定的流動裝置訂閱、收聽。同時,聽眾亦可選擇直接在本台的網頁上收聽節目。 香港經歷了百多年的英國統治,在西方和東方文化薰陶下,孕育了獨特的香港文化、香港傳統和香港核心價值。本台致力於宣揚這些香港特質,增進海內、海外香港人對香港的歸屬感,加強香港人的身份認同,鼓勵香港人關心香港社會,同時致力讓外地人認識香港。 本台以獨立自主為理念,以文化事業為己任,秉持香港人的專業精神,敢言實幹,以微弱的聲音為香港盡一分力。如閣下對本台有任何查詢,或有意與本台合作,歡迎以電郵至